It had been tense, getting on the road and starting out from Louisiana to arrive in Arizona two and a half days later. I went with Christian to journey with my sis-in-law and her little ones down to their new home of AZ. With a rocky start, things turned around and had the makings of a great girls (and little guy) trip. Louisiana to Texas was great, the scenery was pretty consistent in being interesting, to me at least. We were trying to be good with time as not to arrive at the hotel in Texas too late, but oh I just had this desire to snap a photo in rural Texas that I couldn't shake. I mean, there were some from the car shots, but.. I guess I just wanted the control of being on my own two feet. Christian started fussing in the back, which was perfect, because I could jump out and into a gas station to get him a drink, and snap a quick photo and continue on down the road.

That gas station happened to have Bubba in it. He so generously allowed me to take his photo, but I do wonder what he was thinking when a girl asks him out of nowhere if she can take a photo of him in front of a gas station.. poor guy.