New Mexico

If I ever drive the New Mexico stretch of highway again, I may consider wasting some money on "the thing". Well.. no, probably not. But my sister in law AND my husband have seen it, and one couldn't totally remember what it was, and the other had their own memory of it. Well anyways, these billboards showed up along the way, and aside from the mountain and open landscape scenery, there wasn't too much that human hands had touched. I think that's generally a good thing though.

We were debating on how long to drive, so I talked to David who was able to look at what the weather was like on the way in to AZ. While we were on the phone, a semi heading east comes down the road with white smoke coming out of the opening in the roof. Not like puffs of smoke, and not really billowing smoke, but smoke none the less. So, in my dramatic tone, I say something to David along the lines of "there's a truck driving down the road in the opposite direction, and it's smoking bad, I mean REAL bad!". Ok, so that was a general paraphrase of what I can remember, as is the following.
I hear "Hello?"

me "Hi"

the other end "Hi, this is Lucas with (such and such hotel) in Las Crucas"

me "Ok, thanks, bye!".

Somehow my cheek dialed one of the last calls on my sis-in-laws touch screen phone, and somehow I lost the call/had hung up on David. Well, needless to say Lucas was still working his shift when we arrived in Las Crucas. I'm glad he got some closure though on the smoking truck, and that he didn't have to lay in bed that night wondering what had happened. Oh Lucas.