Doug and Valerie

This is love.

We first knew Valerie as the new pharmacist at my husband's old job, but she quickly became our friend. She decided to move home to a small town in Indiana, and when I found out she had fallen in love and become engaged, I let her know I would be there camera in hand.. I guess asking if I was invited would have been more polite? She was just darling about the whole wedding. So laid back about everything, the wedding came off beautifully. More importantly, her and Doug received the gift of one another's lives. They are simply beautiful together, and with a couple full of this much love, I just believe it's going to spill over into the rest of the world. They decided to see one another before the ceremony, and they allowed me the gift of capturing their first moments with one another -- priceless. Valerie was the only person we knew at the wedding, but I can say with some confidence my husband and I came home with some beautiful people as new friends embedded in our hearts.