June Twenty Two, Twenty Three

Here's the deal: I didn't forget about our daily challenge, yesterday I shot a photo I was kind of excited about, then it wouldn't load to photo shop. THEN, I realized today I took today's photo yesterday, and since it didn't upload anyway, well, I just took two today. Alright, now that that's settled... let's get blogging.

Mom and Dad. Married 29 1/2 years. Met through a relative/mutual friend, wrote back and forth four years before meeting, and that's just the beginning. 34 years of being friends later, they're still two of the closest parents I know. They tell each other everything, just like best friends should. I've seen these hands held like this more times than I can count, and it makes me happy every time I see it. These hands are significantly dear to me. They comforted me when I was scared of monsters coming through the door. They held the Bible that taught me what's important all through growing up. They held my son on the day he was born. They gave me away to my husband on my wedding day. They've worked harder than I could ever know just to show me they love me. These hands belong to some of the most wonderful people I could ever hope to know.


or, once again my version of it at least :)