June Twenty Five, Twenty Six

June Twenty Five: Something Pink

Perfect. Took this shot today, but it was of the sash on the dress that was worn at my husband and my joint birthday party yesterday evening, made by a very special friend last fall who couldn't join us, for she is partaking of an adventure of her own all the way in South Korea. So, today I'm 23 and a day, and I think I feel one year older officially. Riiight, you say, but, I think this year hit me for some reason. Whatever the case, this year of my life began memorably, with precious time spent with my family, friends, even a little pampering time that I was blessed to be given, and the night ended with a very special and beautiful dinner party. I think this may just have been my most favorite birthday yet.

June Twenty Six: Close-Up

Any childhood toys you see around that bring back a special memory? Well, we went over mine this month with the Polly Pocket toys, but the other day I received a special package in the mail from my sister in law that contained some toys (and memories) from my husbands childhood. This one was a little child's record player that has some "records" with it, that play some sweet little songs. I think this will be one that our little boy will love, and hopefully he'll have a few fun memories of his own playing with one of daddy's old toys!