June Nineteen

Photography by Amy Glover Photography (One of my most favorite and inspiring photographers, for her work, AND her life!)

Happy Father's Day to three of the most amazing men I know. My Daddy, a man who has taught me to love past mistakes, and instilled in me a passion for knowledge, silliness and most importantly a reverence for God. My husband who loves on our little one with arms wide open and heart overflowing. My father-in-law who, even though far, is someone we love deeply and know we can turn to always. But most MOST importantly is God, who is Father to the fatherless and loves with all of the above qualities and SO very much more.

Happy Father's day to those who have been dads for a long time and daddys only for a little while :)

Something Orange

We collect bottles that come along holding various types of beverages, that may or may not have been purchased on the day of a particularly special memory. This one, however, was purchased at my son's first birthday dinner at a local farmhouse restaurant.. wrapped around that bottle are memories of a first dessert, eating under the early evening sky lit by strings of lights and the glow from the inside of the restaurant.. a birthday candle and a picnic table full of laughs and love.