So, the first birthday party has come and passed, and now we are at one year, 1 week and (a few) days old. For the grand finale to Christian's party, just before the last guests left, he walked! Now, he's taken steps before - teetering little steps, but I feel as though last week was a valiant effort at walking. I'm just so excited to have all of these 'firsts' to share with him. On another note, I am ecstatic to announce the party came off beautifully, but most certainly not without the help of David, my parents, our good friend Robin, and even Christian! He entertained himself so well while his daddy and I rushed to finish painting the kitchen - a task that we started weeks ago but have been slow movers about. The kitchen is not quite finished but it was at a good enough stopping point for our guests, and just in time for a teamwork of decorations, and David and I got showers to boot! So, without further adieu a few photos of the celebratory event. Oh, and a big thank you to everyone who came and made this day special, I believe it to have been a perfect first birthday!