Love Notes

Tonight on my way to run some errands I opened up the mailbox and within the typical "informational mail" I received something extra special. Growing up my Gramma and I would write to each other, she would send me clippings from news articles and other special treats, and I would tell her what was new in my little world. She only lived a couple of hours away, but those letters are some of my most precious treasures. It was love she was sending, it didn't matter if she typed the letters on her old typewriter or wrote them by loving hand, it was a beautiful gift I got to open every now and again. My dear old pen pal has been gone for a few years, dancing with Jesus on streets of gold, but she instilled in me something no one else could've done so well. She instilled in me an appreciation of written love, letters from near or far, from old friends or close family, a gift that I consider priceless. Today when I opened that little piece of mail my heart overflowed, for it was from a dear sweet friend overseas who was thinking of me on a bus to one of her adventures. The handwritten note will go where other memories of love are stored, and a little reminder of the beautiful Gramma who started this joy of love notes in my heart was a gift given to me along with tonight's letter.