This Time

This time last year I was officially in labor with my sweetest blessing, baby Christian. I am so grateful the Lord decided to bless us with him, he is the most fun, energetic, loving, beautiful little boy. This morning after I woke up I was spending a few extra (or more) minutes in bed, and Christian was in his crib nearby, when David came in and we realized there had been a dirty diaper situation. SO, as loving parents do, we battled over who would change it, and ultimately left the decision to Christian -- you thought this was going to be a sentimental story, didn't you? Anyway, I asked him if he wanted 'mom' or 'daddy' to change it, and he quite clearly, in his high little voice said "mom". So, there it was - we're at the point where he can verbally throw his poor mama under the bus.. haha. Happy birthday sweetheart, I can't wait to see the time that God has in store for us -- poopy diapers, first bike rides and camping trips, skinned knees and *Lord Willing* a family of your own someday (oh dear, no rush). But for now, he's still my baby boy.. I quite sure he always will be.
*Photograph by one of our lovely midwives, Ginger