Last weekend we had a fun little family "staycation", which consisted of going to a new favorite little coffee shop, eating at a locally loved bbq restaurant, heading to our nearby farmer's market, and a few other fun treats. While at the farmer's market David and I took Christian to the little petting zoo they had set up, and saw a sweet little puppy sleeping by the piglets. Spontaneously I asked whether it was for sale - and if you know me, you must know I am typically not a huge dog person - and the farmer told us $40. We looked at one another and made the on-the-fly decision to take him home, given him the name "Pigo" since we found him sleeping by the piglets. A few potty messes, a couple of sleep deprived nights for David, and a pair of chewed on sandels later we are still pretty big fans of the newest addition to our little family.