Someone to Love

My Grandfather served in WWI, and years later, when he was old and no longer well, was taken care of by kind nurses and doctors at our local VA hospital. It was there that he passed, blessed by a loving family that surrounded him in his final moments. Some years later, my Gramma and I made Valentine's for veterans to send to the local VA hospital. Now that she has made her home in Heaven, I plan to carry on with my own little one of making Valentine's for veterans for his first Valentine's Day. There are so many who have served and given their lives for our country that are unappreciated and unloved, spending their days in hospices or VA hospitals. Please join us in taking a few hours out of your day to love on someone that is unloved, even someone that may not deserve it. The above photos are of some folks I don't know, I just picked up their images the other day at a local antique store, I wonder what their stories are.