Sweet Little Things

Some time ago my husband David decided that he wanted to create our baby boy's bassinet himself, from scratch. A very sweet and precious idea, but I did realize that my David had never done anything like this before, although I knew that I would love anything he made because it was made out of love.

So, a week and a half ago was the big reveal, after months of him hiding away in the garage working secretly on the bassinet. He rolled it in while I was in another room, led me to it, I looked up and *gasp* what a beautiful bassinet! It was PERFECT! Exactly the style I would've chosen had it been in an arrangement of bassinets. Vintage white, with a vintage hospital bassinet feel to it.. absolutely adorable.

We have had so much fun preparing little Christian's room, from painting and hanging up the mobile that his Auntie Allison and I made, to hanging things on the wall, and getting things set up and put away. Although not QUITE done, we are slowly but surely getting there, and I am so very excited for the finished product.