Change is in the air..

It seems as though this is quite the season of change. Everyone I know (and I say that with very little exaggeration) seems to be going through some sort of life changing event. Friends are moving into new homes, waiting to see what grad schools they will get into, getting engaged, having babies, and no matter what new things are occurring we can only move forward.. or momentarily sidestep it until we are forced to make some sort of decision. There is no avoiding change, as much as sometimes I wish there was.. but I guess all we can do is embrace it with all that we have and make the most of it... mmm, some advice I need to take to heart myself.
A couple of friends allowed me the privilege of momentarily joining in their change today, and gave me the opportunity to take engagement pictures for them. What a fun time we had, they are easy to make smile, and their love for one another is unquestionable. Below I hope you enjoy viewing a few photos of some dear friends Melissa and Robbie.